Healing Rooms

Our heart is to see Jesus Christ glorified through physical healing ministry.

Healing Rooms is a ministry that is pursuing the Holy Spirit and His healing power. We are creating a place for Him to bring life, wholeness and love to those who are suffering from physical health problems. It is a place where passionate, joy-filled believers gather to host the Presence of God and see Him bring total restoration and healing.



The Healing Rooms will be open 10am - 12pm Saturdays on the first Saturday of the month during the school term. Here are the dates for 2019:

Term 2
4th May
1st June

Term 1
2nd February
2nd March

Term 4
2nd Nov

Term 3
3rd August
7th Sep


What your Saturday in the Healing Rooms will look like:

  1. "Registration" in the Foyer Area of Life Church." 
    Arrive between 10am & 11am to fill out your registration paperwork. Here you will meet your host who will escort your group to the next stage.

  2. "Teaching on Healing" in Streams Cafe.

  3. "Worship and Soaking" in the Auditorium.
    Spending time in God's Presence until your group number is called.

  4. "Healing Room" in the Prayer House.

  5. "Worship and Soaking" in the Auditorium.
    This gives you more time to spend in God's Presence until your group number is called for the next stage.

  6. "Teaching on Walking in God's Best for your Health" in Streams Cafe.

  7. All groups finished by 12pm.